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Bright Greens is the simple alternative to the hassle of blending your own smoothies at home. We blend deliciously fresh green smoothies for you and fast freeze them into small frozen smoothie cubes which are then packaged and sold in stores.  Whenever you get the hankering for a smoothie, simply add a little hot water to any mason jar or blender bottle, pour the whole package of smoothie cubes on top, close the jar and shake for a cold delicious, nutritious green smoothie. Shake it Up!

  • Flavor: There is an art to making green smoothies. Delicious smoothies come from the freshest produce, chosen correctly and combined in perfect proportion. When you blend it right, you don't compromise the nutrients or the beautifully complex flavors, you enhance them. When you freeze it fast, all that good stuff stays for months. That translates to delicious!
  • Nutrients: Our process is hands down the best way to preserve nutrients in a smoothie or juice.  By blending whole fruits and vegetables at their peak, then immediately fast freezing we lock in vital plant nutrients. Our nutrients don't degrade in days like other 'premium' juices that sit on trucks and store shelves for days or often weeks loosing nutrients. Bright Greens will stay fresh for months and even over a year.
  • Convenience:  If you're blending at home, you know how hard it is. You pick a recipe, make a list, drive to the store, shop for the ingredients, drive home, chop everything up, blend it all together, discard the excess and clean up the mess. Oh yeah, hopefully you remembered to buy an expensive blender! All this for one smoothie!?  With Bright Greens you get out of bed, add a little water, shake it up and you get the exact same result.