One Little Cube, One Big Dream

Bright Greens began with one family trying to solve the problem of how to balance nutrition with their busy lives. Brian Mitchell was living in Boulder, living the “natural foods lifestyle.” Bike rides, hikes, camping, and exploring all fueled by fresh fruits and veggies. When his first daughter Abby was born, it became tougher to make the same green smoothies every morning that had fueled his family’s adventures. A cross country move and two daughters later, and green smoothies felt like a luxury he no longer had time for.

Brian knew there had to be a way to get the nutrition that had given him all that energy, but in a way that would fit into his busy life. He came up with a process that would allow him to blend whole fruits and veggies into a green smoothie, flash freeze it to retain as much flavor and nutrition as possible, and that would be ready in just seconds with a splash of water and a shake.

Brian started shaking up smoothies every morning, and all that energy came back! As he went to work at Whole Foods, one day it clicked that he had a solution that lots of other people were hungry for sitting in his freezer at home, and Bright Greens was born.

Now, our mission is to bring this powerful plant-based nutrition to as many people as possible. Truly convenient, honestly nutritious, totally delicious.

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