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Frequently Asked Questions


What are Bright Greens Smoothies?

Where do you get your fruits and vegetables?

Can I find your product in stores?


How do I make a smoothie?

The package says to add hot water. Won’t that make a hot smoothie?

Can I add anything to my smoothies?

Are these really as good for me as a fresh smoothie?

Are these as good as my fresh-pressed or premium juice?

Do the smoothies contain additives and preservatives?

How much sugar do these smoothies contain?

Are your ingredients organic?

Are you vegan and gluten-free?

Are these kid-friendly?

Can I use these for a “cleanse?”

What Is the serving size?


How do I order?

How do I skip a delivery or change my subscription?

How do I cancel my subscription?


When Will My Order be Delivered?

Where Do You Deliver?

Do you ship to P.O. Boxes or military addresses?

Do I have to be home to accept my delivery?

How long will my order stay cold if I am not home for delivery?

Additional Questions

How do I reach you if I have other questions or need help?

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